Patience is the Key

For those who have joined Neobux, my advice for you is to be patient. You may need to keep clicking the ads and doing the mini jobs for some time until you have enough money to buy rented referrals. Those rented referrals will earn you money automatically as every time they click on ads, you will earn too…

Once you have set the foundation, you will see things start moving on its own… In my case, i already have around 90 rented referrals and every day i can earn about $0.50 without doing anything, though i am still clicking on ads and doing mini jobs to get more money to rent more referrals.

Good luck!


My First Attempt to Earning Money Online

So, one day i was browsing a forum in the net looking for a business opportunity. In the forum, there are many offer or opportunities offered, from selling stuff online, become a  dropshipper, investing money – which i found too risky, etc. I was looking for something that’s simple and doesn’t need any investment. I spent 1 0r 2 hours reading the forum, and by luck i found this website called Neobux.com.

It’s a website offering you money by clicking advertisement. As i usually don’t have anything to do online, i thought why don’t i just try this. But, prior to register, i did some research on the website. And i found this website which explains the strategy how to make money at Neobux. I bought the idea, and so i registered. Here is the address of the website: Neobux Strategy.

Neobux is a PTC program whereby you are paid for clicking and viewing ads. You can get paid anywhere up to $0.02 for clicking a single advertisement. You can also earn money for completing various tasks, surveys and through testing various software programs.

Neobux has been around for over 6 years now, amassed over 20 million users and commands greater daily visits than such websites as ESPN, Netflix and Flickr! Neobux is a legitimate and real way to earn a little residual income every month, its key strength being that you do not have to invest any money – ever.

I registered on 20th May 2013, and fast forward to today, i have earned > $20. It’s still a small number, but i believe this can work (read the strategy), and i think in the long run i will earn myself some good money to spend. Some of the users have earned hundreds, even thousands! So this definitely works!


So, are you interested? If you are, please feel free to register here: www.neobux.com. If you have any questions or want to know what i know about Neobux, please just leave comment below and i will get back to you asap.